Cover for any event.

We provide tents to fit the needs of any event of any size. 

There are many things to consider when choosing a tent,  from size and price to aesthetics and site-specific requirements.   

You can count on our experienced staff to help you choose the perfect tent for your event.


Tent Types and Sizes

Frame Tents are a good economic option for small events or side attractions.

15x15     20x40
20x20   30x30

Century Pole Tents provide superior style and seating for larger events.

60x60     60x100
60x70     60x120

Navi-Trac Tents are a versatile option that fit many roles. The 40' wide tent is available with a clear top.

30x30     40x40     40x100
30x45     40x60     40x120
30x60     40x80

Aurora Sailcloth Tents are the premier option for the most prestigious events.

45x44     45x103     59x99
45x63     59x59      59x120
45x83     59x79

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